Differentiator #1 - Turnkey Solar PV Projects

Some solar companies have competencies in two or three of the components of a project and subcontract other components. Pivot can handle all aspects of the project in-house.


Differentiator #2 - Qualifications

Commercial scale solar companies can vary greatly in their level of experience credentialing, as well as safety and quality assurance practices. Pivot has gained a reputation for having industry-leading professional qualifications

Our Qualification Details

Differentiator #3 - Onsite & Offsite Solar

Pivot believes that community solar, small utility solar, and commercial rooftop solar can no longer be considered a fringe element; rather, these generating assets are developing into essential components of the overall grid, providing increased resiliency, lower costs, and other benefits.

Differentiator #4 - Telling Your Story

For many of our clients, Solar is more than just equipment; it is a means to help tell a story about the smart business decisions your business or organization is making related to controlling energy costs, while at the same time making a substantial commitment to  sustainable business practices.

Pivot goes beyond the competition in offering extensive services that help you tell that story. Let us work with your staff to develop the right marketing plan to maximize the impact of your array.

Service offerings include:

Media Assistance
Online Content
Public Displays
Employee Solar