Financing is central
to Pivot Energy's business.

Our finance expertise rivals our energy capabilities. A majority of the energy projects we complete also include an energy financing component.

Financing Capabilities

  • Finance division with expertise in modeling and brokering for all the major project finance options available
  • Customization of proformas to fit the needs of each client
  • Full incentives analysis – utility, local, state, and federal sources
  • Preferred terms with finance partners

Why Finance?

The clean energy service industry is scaling largely as a result of new finance options that remove the primary barriers to energy project investment. Zero capital outlay, off balance sheet options, in particular, are seeing significant uptake from a wide range of companies and organizations. 

Finance Options

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PACE Financing

This is our central offering.

PACE is transforming the energy improvements industry.

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PPA & Lease

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Operating Leases involve 3rd party ownership, which yields some unique benefits.

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Other Options

Solar Loans
Performance Leases
Municipal Leases

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Download our Comparison of Financing Options

Get an overview of how the most commonly used finance options compare to each other and to paying cash.