Introducing: The Wild, Wild (mid)West: Community Solar in IL

March 26, 2019

Illinois is about to experience an unprecedented boom in community solar projects in the market, going from a few pilot projects to 200 MW in 2 years. With so much growth, the learning curve for all stakeholders is steep and must be addressed quickly. In this blog series, Pivot's Director of Business Development, Kacie Peters will explore how developers and asset managers can best market and position community solar in the confines of a complicated, competitive Illinois deregulated energy market.

Kacie's 10 years in the solar industry and 3 years in the Illinois market give her the lens in which to view community solar from a developer's perspective and from an energy consumer. Her work on Pivot's community solar management platform, SunCentral, allows her to speak directly to the costs and challenges of managing and acquiring subscribers. It is with this background that Kacie will identify the players, challenges, opportunities, and cost for the hundreds of community solar projects being built under the adjustable block program.

Check in tomorrow, and then every Wednesday after, as we launch the first of this 4-part blog series with topics including:

  • The players and history of the Illinois energy market
  • Lessons for community solar from the 3rd party energy suppliers
  • Managing the costs to operate community solar
  • Marketing community solar to potential subscribers through the state

If you have questions, reach out to Kacie directly, at